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If you would like to find out how I can help you achieve your health goals, click on the dark blue heart icon below for your free functional medicine health assessment.

The link will open a new portal window with LivingMatrix where you will need to register and then verify your account via a link which will be emailed to you. Before you do, please take a moment to read our Privacy Statement and that of LivingMatrix to understand how the data you provide will be used.

The Living Matrix is an electronic system designed especially for use in a Functional and Integrative Medicine setting. It is a way of collecting, organising and storing clinical information about each patient that enables the doctor to easily document the unfolding phenomena that lead to ill health – a process that often occurs over many years, perhaps even a lifetime. It gives the patient and the practitioner the big picture so that together you can take the necessary steps to restore your health and get the best possible outcomes.

Once you are registered, you will be able to start the assessment. The first part of this is the medical symptoms questionnaire, which asks you about a wide range of issues that can help point us to the root causes of your health concerns.  The second part is the readiness assessment, which requests important information about your current capacity to take on the often significant lifestyle changes that would form part of a functional medicine management plan. In total, the forms should take you less than 5 minutes to complete.

I personally review every form that is submitted and will be in contact with you within a few days to talk through your responses.

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